August 16th, 2009

in the mood of remont

I'm putting in a PhD proposal together and need some links to resources and film artists and thought

"I’m looking for filmmakers/animators who moved from the city to the countryside. How it influenced their work. If any artist springs to mind/or book please let me know.

Mаybe your clouds film

The outline of the idea is as follows.

My intention is to move to the countryside, the sea and I feel a vague sense of terror when faced with the question of how to transfer my attention to the organic, the elements and not the human swell that grabs me. Yet spiritual questions also plays a role in my work and increasingly I am overwhelmed by the need for nature around me, especially the sea. I want this to become my subject not the city and it's stories, but those of the land

It made me think that there must be a whole body of work created by filmmakers/ animators who went through a similar process

There are obvious examples like Stan Brakage with his film Mothlight, who clearly would be an inspiration to any artist filmmaker interested in nature. However my area of research would be contemporary artist filmmaker using digital technologies to create work beyond the purely abstract but not including wildlife documentary. Who have made the break from the city and how it effects their work.

Any ideas would be great